Lash Tattoo

Hello To The Look of Thicker Lashes...

“Lash Enhancement Tattoos The Hottest New Trend”

What is a Lash Enhancement Tattoo?  ​As you might’ve guessed, this treatment involves tattooing a light black/brown line of ink across the lash-line, think of it as a light permanent eyeliner but with a more natural finish.  Gina  (aka Gina Maya) has been at the forefront of this procedure, using advanced micro-pigmentation technology.

To create the lash enhancement tattoos Gina uses a tool called the Meso Pen which uses a light needle. “The area is numbed first, and then thin liner is tattooed right in the lash line”,  “You fill in between the lashes to create the illusion of thicker, darker, and completely full lashes without looking lined or like obvious makeup.”

​Similar to microblading, this treatment endures a 6-8 week touch-up period after the initial process. However, once your touch-ups are done the results last up to 3-5 years, which is a pretty high pay off. The tattoos can be added to your top or lower lash line, or both, so either way the tattoos add an instant noticeable definition to your eyes.  Even if you have a previous tattoo a lash enhancement can still be performed to enhance your lash-line.

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